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Rafting in New Zealand

Rafting on the Nymboida River (or Nymbo as it’s known to river guides) is certain to entertain the complete novice as well as experienced white water warriors.

New Zealand is blessed with some of the most stunning landscapes on the planet – mountains, glaciers, gorges and fast following rivers – so it's not really surprising that the country has become such a big player in the adventure holiday market. All things adrenalin-charged are catered for in New Zealand, and that includes some excellent white water rafting.

On the North Island, most of the rafting companies run out of either Hawke's Bay or the Bay of Plenty on the east coast. If you are visiting the South Island, there are opportunities to go rafting along the west coast and also in well-known adventure sport destinations such as Queenstown and Christchurch. Indeed, Queenstown has really embraced the unique outdoors experiences made available by the amazing scenery around the town and offers just about every heart-stopping thrill imaginable. For white water rafting enthusiasts there are plenty of attractions, from helicopter in and raft down excursions to full on overnight rafting trips.

In the following sections we will introduce some of the best places to go rafting in New Zealand as well as giving advice on the best times to go and what you can expect from your rafting experience.