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Rafting Trips

Rafting on the Nymboida River (or Nymbo as it’s known to river guides) is certain to entertain the complete novice as well as experienced white water warriors.

For most people, their first taste of white water rafting is as a half-day trip as part of a holiday itinerary. This is a superb way to try out this fantastic sport and see if it's the leisure activity for you. It can also be a wonderful way for families to give it a go as many of the shorter rafting tours run on Grade 1 or 2 stretches of river and not just the major rapids. Rafting trips like this are usually over in less than an hour, but if you enjoy it and want to book in for a longer session on the river, there are plenty of options available to you.

Depending on where you go, there will be rafting operators offering trips from anything from a full day to 10 days, or even longer, making it more of a rafting holiday than a simple excursion. Clearly, the location is a big factor in determining how many days you'll be staying on the river. For example, some of the Tasmanian rafting tours on the Franklin River take you right into the heart of the Tassie wilderness – something that it's impossible do to in just a morning.

Why not browse through the following sections and see if there isn't a rafting trip that is perfect for you?