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White Water Rafting Coffs Harbour 

Rafting on the Nymboida River (or Nymbo as it's known to river guides) is certain to entertain the complete novice as well as experienced white water warriors.

One of the best spots to try white water rafting in NSW is on the Nymboida River out of Coffs Harbour. The Nymboida River (or Nymbo, as the locals call it) cuts an impressive path through the Nymbol-Binderay National Park which lies to the west of Coffs Harbour, about 6 hours north of Sydney. It's a gorgeous part of the world and riding the famous Nymboida rapids is a fantastic way to see and experience the river in all its majestic beauty.

Nymboida River white water rafting follows an awe-inspiring route through untouched wilderness. Both Adrenalin and local companies operate a number of rafting trips in this area and their 1, 2, 4-day adventures are all popular. If you choose to do the 1-day rafting experience you'll get to enjoy the sights and thrills 9kms of the surging Nymboida River all the way down to the Cod Hole, taking in 20+ grade 3 and 4 rapids as you go. Amongst the better-known features of rafting on this particular stretch of water are the ominously named Lucifer's Leap and the equally dangerous sounding Devils Cauldron.

If you have the time, the 2 to 4-day runs take you on an unforgettable and exhilarating ride over 27 kms to 50kms of foaming white water. Doing a longer rafting trip like this gives you the added advantage of camping next to the river as well as flying down it in a raft. You'll also find that you really get to bond with the other members of your crew, making for a great shared experience.

If you're looking for something a little less challenging which will ideally suit younger members of the family as well, perhaps you should check out the half-day rafting trip which runs on the Goolang Creek, Nymboida. This is a really good way to taste your rafting legs before you commit to some of the longer and more strenuous runs.


As far as grading the white water action out of Coffs Harbour, most of the Nymboida River offers moderate to challenging rapids around grade 3 or 4. However, if there's been a lot of rain, and the water levels increase, you may find that some of those rapids swell to grade 5s. It's also worth mentioning that there may be times when you need to get out of the water and help to carry your raft to the next stretch of water.

The Nymboida River is special for a number of reasons; not least that its water flows is all natural and dependent on rainfall, unlike Gwydir or Tully, where dams control the water flow. What this means for white water rafting is that the water levels in the Nymboida can rise and fall dramatically and suddenly, all adding to the excitement of riding its waters. Another major draw card it that the river cuts its way through some truly amazing wilderness – including a number of areas which can't be reached by either road or track. Rafting in this part of the world really puts you in the heart of nature and that makes for an especially memorable journey.