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White Water Rafting Melbourne 

Rafting on the Nymboida River (or Nymbo as it's known to river guides) is certain to entertain the complete novice as well as experienced white water warriors.

If you fancy some white water action out of Melbourne, the best places to try are the King River and Mitta Mitta River, both located outside the city. The Yarra River is closer to the city, but is not really suitable to rafting trips, with white water kayaking your best bet.

King River White Water Rafting

King River rafting trips begin about 4 hours north east of Melbourne itself and most rafting companies will provide transport to the site as part of your rafting package. Due to the distance from the CBD, this is a full day rafting tour. The white water rafting season usually goes from August through to November, but is dependent upon sufficient water levels, so check with tour operators before you make any plans.

Cutting its way through the glorious Alpine National Park, the King River features mainly Grade 2 and 3 rapids (1 is easiest level and 5 the toughest that commercial rafters are allowed to navigate), making it perfect for people who wish to try white water rafting for the first time. This also means that it is a great place to introduce younger members of the family to white water, with rafting tour operators like Adrenalin happy to take children over 12 years on their trips. The water is generally fast flowing and your raft will take you through a number of rocky ravines. Some of the better-known rapids on the King River include Dual Flush, Ego, The Escalator, Churner and the thrilling Whirlpool.

Mitta Mitta River White Water Rafting

The other major Melbourne white water rafting centre is the Mitta Mitta River in Victoria’s north east and about 5-6 hours drive out of Melbourne. As the drive to the starting point takes a little time, many rafters choose to get to the location the night before so that they can enjoy a full day’s rafting. The other option is to book a 2-day rafting trip, sleeping at a B&B, pub or perhaps out under the stars for the middle night as part of the rafting package. Wherever you choose to lay your head, you’ll get the bonus of staying in one of the most rugged and untouched spots in country Victoria.


The Mitta Mitta River offers a more strenuous rafting experience than the King River with some of its rapids graded at 3 or 4, which makes it a moderate to challenging ride which promises more than a few white knuckle moments! Many believe that the Mitta Mitta River offers the best white water rafting in Victoria, and with its foaming rapids, stomach churning drops and swift flowing waters, we have to agree. Amongst the more notorious features of rafting here are Dislocation, Bump and Grind, The Joker, Pinball and The Roller Coaster. Again, the best time to try your luck on the Mitta Mitta is during the spring, as long as water levels allow.

So whether you are a first-timer or an experienced rafter looking to be pushed, the rivers north of Melbourne have something for everyone.